The videos and links below feature samples of Mundial Sports Network's original branded content offerings.

Each of these options is fully customizable and can be branded to fit any advertiser needs.

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Toque Final:

Our signature short-form video series, Toque Final delivers the best soccer news and content in under 90 seconds. This video segment can be fully branded to advertiser specifications and is a favorite with the Fútbol Mundial audience.

Best of the Best World Cup Player Profiles:

This special World Cup video series provides viewers with a multimedia biographical profile of the leading World Cup players. This multimedia video tour covering the background and achievements of the top World Cup players provides viewers a full profile of their favorite players in under 2 minutes.

Best of the Best Athletic Leadership Awards:

The Best of the Best Athletic Leadership Awards honor the ‘Best of the Best’ in Hispanic High School and College level athletes. The program recognizes the top level players at the high school and collegiate level in soccer and is expanding to other leading sports.

Esto es Fútbol Mundial:

Available in both English and Spanish language, Esto es Fútbol Mundial is Mundial Sports Network's sports and entertainment variety show.

Featuring on-camera show host Sophie Simon Cortina, a World Class Tennis Star and former Top 20 Junior World Player, Esto es Fútbol Mundial presents all the top stories in the world of soccer all the way from the passion on the field to the red carpet and the associated and glamorous entertainment aspects.

Futbol Mundial Presenta:

Fútbol Mundial Presenta is a short form video segment that delivers news and trending topics in the world of soccer all in under 60 seconds. Featuring highlights and expert commentary, Fútbol Mundial Presenta delivers short bite sized video morsels that fit any passionate soccer fan's appetite for Fútbol.

Portada del Día:

Portada del Día is Mundial Sports Network's multimedia "virtual cover of the day" featuring the day's hottest trending topics. This meme-type image is virally shareable on all leading social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Also available as a short form, under 30 second, video segment with on-air talent.

View More Examples of Portada del Día at:

Portada de la Semana:

Portada de la Semana is Mundial Sports Network's multimedia weekly video show featuring the week's hottest trending topic.

Canal Digital: Custom Brand-Integrated Content and Advertising Syndication

Mundial Sports Networks offers its advertisers a first-to-market, proprietary online and digital solution in Spanish and English for content and advertisement syndication!

Beyond merely displaying banner ads and media across multiple sites, Canal Digital enables advertisers to syndicate an entire branded content channel complete with original branded video, keyword rich SEO-Friendly content and multiple advertising placements. All in one single package, syndicated across Mundial Sports Network's massive global network of leading sports publishing partners.

Canal Digital

Instantly syndicate your brand integrated original video and text content, along with multiple display advertising placements across a network of hundreds of leading, brand-safe sports publishers targeting Latinos.

Gain instant access to millions of targeted new online viewers with your brand integrated videos, text and display advertisements. Full reporting capabilities provide highly measurable ROI metrics on all placements.

View Canal Digital live at: